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OBESITY & OVERWEIGHT THE REAL CULPRIT! | Weight Loss Programs in Bangalore

Obesity is a condition where the body gains weight far beyond the weight necessary to hold for a particular height and age. obesity can further lead to serious health issues

Obesity doesn’t happen because people overeat or don’t exercise enough. There are many other factors that contribute to this global problem.

There’s a surplus of unhealthy foods available nowadays, but the food industry is just one reason for this. Transitions into modern society – from more active work environments to desk jobs, from walking to driving, from rural lifestyles to city living – can all lead a person away from getting enough daily exercise. 


Common causes of obesity can include :

  • Eating a diet comprising foods high in unhealthy fats and refined carbohydrates like white rice, maida, sugars, bread, etc.
  • Having a predominantly sedentary lifestyle.
  • Having less sleep can lead to hormonal changes that make you hungrier and crave certain high-calorie foods.
  • Genetics (small proportion)which determines how fast or slow you can burn the food

What are the usual health consequences which get follow from overweight and obesity?

Elevating BMI has a significant risk factor regarding with non-communicable diseases, which follows:

  • Cardiovascular diseases: It is not new that heart disease is the leading cause of death even at this minute. One prominent reason for heart failure is the elevated body mass index. BMI directly correlates to fat stored under the skin. Hence, the BMI greater the chances of fat deposits under the cardiovascular tissues.

  • Diabetes:Yes you read it right! overweight can infulence diabetes. it is a know fact that every 7 out of 10 people suffer from diabetes and 90 percentage of diabetic people are overweight. 

  • musculoskeletal disorders:The painful truth is that overweight or obese people suffer from many different health problems, most notably musculoskeletal disorders (especially osteoarthritis – a very disabling degenerative disease of the joints) and certain cancers (such as endometrial, breast, ovarian, prostate and other organ-related cancer).

  • Weight gain also poses an elevated risk for stroke, heart attack and diabetes. Not only does being fat increase your risk of developing those conditions; but if you are already suffering from one of them, obesity can make it worse.

  • Cancers: Some of the most deadly forms of cancer are also some of the most common: Endometrial, Breast, Ovarian, Prostate, Liver Gallbladder Kidney Colon

The impact of overweight or obese is far more obvious during childhood. it can affect an individual for the rest of their life. Children who are heavier than others are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases and conditions such as heart problems, high blood pressure, joint pain and mental health problems including depression.

Apart from the above, certain medical conditions may also cause weight gain.

Losing weight is hard, but Weight Loss with MAIRA promises to be easy. So Get in shape this season with our easy step plan.

No more excuses! We MAIRA have a plan to help you slim down, fit into your favorite clothes, and feel amazing again. You can enjoy a weight loss program that is easy and convenient.

A clinically tested weight loss program boosts your metabolism and helps curb appetite and food cravings, so you’re always in control of your food choices.

No more excuses! We MAIRA have a plan to help you slim down, fit into your favorite clothes, and feel amazing again. You can enjoy a weight loss program that is easy and convenient. A clinically tested weight loss program boosts your metabolism and helps curb appetite and food cravings, so you’re always in control of your food choices.

It’s a program that works on autopilot, so all you have to do is keep moving! So don’t even think about which food to eat or how much exercise to do.
Weight loss has been more complicated than ever these days. There’s a constant worry that the diet and lifestyle changes you’re making aren’t cutting it or that they’re not sustainable enough to make lasting changes.

Lose weight with ease by following a four-week program and staying motivated with help from our wellness coaches! You’ll learn about nutrition, cardio routines, and resistance exercises while enjoying delicious dinners!

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Benefits From Maira's Weight Loss Program

Look fabulous and confident all the time

The ultimate weight loss plan for both male and female

Burn calories and shed off some weight without much effort

Lose weight without going hungry

Weight loss maintenance strategies

Strategies that support weight loss also play an essential role in maintaining this weight. From the recent study conducted, functional support mechanisms utilized during weight management are indispensable for keeping off pounds post-weight loss. Of these people who could keep off at least 30 pounds for 6 months or longer, 55% followed some program for this purpose.

  1. Physical activity provides numerous benefits for weight management, including stimulating metabolism, enhancing mood, preserving mobility, and combatting the chronic disease. Get moving!
  2. Diet and exercise are considered the best strategy for losing and maintaining weight.
  4. Self-Monitoring and Feedback: Keep looking into calorie count even after achieving the desired weight. An expert from related fields such as sports or dietetics will provide all you need concerning what constitutes an ideal workout regimen and dietary plan that work for you! Getting there might take some time, but patience goes a long way toward maximizing your health goals.

Weight Cycling

The struggle with keeping weight off is hard, but many people find themselves going back and forth between cutting calories and binging on them. Diet pills claim they can suppress hunger while other treatments focus on avoiding sugar cravings, but those too often come at a high price.

‘weight cycling’ refers to an individual gaining or losing considerable weight over time. Still, Some reports suggest that yo-yo dieting can lead to many long-term side effects such as inflammation in the liver and gallbladder issues, high blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

However, it is worth noting how everyone experiences this depending on their appetite and how much they exercise when doing so, so don’t fret too much! The best way to avoid being put in this situation is by not engaging in any type of starvation diet or diet with an unrealistic goal (especially if you are trying to lose weight).

Try sticking to healthier options such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt, etc., along with small but frequent meals rather than fasting periods followed by larger ones after coming off it – which can cause binge eating later down the line.

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