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Advanced Skin radiant treatment | never would ever felt so much glow up

No more being dull! Maira’s skin radiant treatment will make you glow.

Skin radiant treatment for Dull skin!

We are skin experts, we are dermatologists.

We know skin. It doesn’t matter if your skin is sensitive, dry, oily, or acne-prone – we know how to help you with your particular type of skin. We make sure that your skin is hydrated and healthy with our range of skin radiant treatment(s).

With us, you will be able to get instant results and a long-term solution by consulting with a professional and well-qualified dermatologist who will recommend a skincare regimen as per your needs. You can also explore various types of treatments available here at the clinic like facials, micro needling, laser treatment, etc.

If you want flawless-looking skin then consult your nearest Skin Expert today!

skin radiant treatment

Maira Clinics in Bangalore offers Chemical Peels, Laser Toning and derma roller treatments aimed at restoring your skin’s natural glow, while also reducing the appearance of any marks or blemishes. To learn more about these promising procedures read on below.

skin radiant treatment chemical peel

Chemical Peels – As we all know, it is vital to keep up with our skin’s appearance in order to maintain its youthful state.

This is one of the skin radiant treatments where it helps to eliminate the top layer of your skin without damaging or leaving scars behind so that you’re able to naturally produce healthy new ones.

A recent study showed that chemical peels can even produce collagen, which is essential for growing more younger looking skin. This protein increases moisture content and elasticity while smoothing fine lines on your face.

With Maira clinic in Bengaluru, we carry out many different types of chemical peels according to clients’ needs- some containing glycolic acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), Aloe Vera Gel Massage (or Trichloroacetic Acid), Resorcinol and Retinoic Acid among others – all designed to leave you feeling refreshed!

Laser treatment

Laser Toning- Likewise Chemical Peel, laser treatment is a prominent skin radiant treatment, our dermatologist may also recommend Laser Toning to remove the dull skin and make it lighter. This treatment is usually suggested when you are looking for lightening your skin tone considerably while treating the dullness.

Laser Tonning uses Q Switched Nd:YAG laser which is a US FDA approved equipment, to destroy the melanin pigment in the skin and lighten it. It does not cause any damage to the skin and is completely safe.

The lightening of the skin tone improves its natural glow just like after chemical peeling treatments but differs as this can be done on every part of your body including chest, back, shoulders etcetera where there are stretch marks or post acne scars etcetera.

skin radiant treatment laser
skin radiant treatment dermaroller


Finally our last skin radiant treatment is dermaroller treatment which is a common procedure used in dermatology for around 20 years. They’re so popular because they’re quick, minimally invasive procedures with little to no downtime—making them less expensive than lasers. Here’s how it works.

How does dermaroller work? Essentially, the microneedles pierce your skin and cause an injury while triggering the healing process in your body. This leads to improved blood flow, new collagen production, improved skin turnover rate, and faster wound healing. This then results in improved skin texture and reduced hair loss as well as scars from previous injuries or accidents.

Why Choose Maira over other clinic for skin radiant treatment?

  1. Our dermatologists at maira Clinics have many years of experience in treating patients with skin problems and other beauty concerns. 
  2. We use the latest methods, including lasers, which are both high-tech and safe. They’re designed to work best on you, so we create an individualized treatment plan.
  3. During each session, an experienced therapist will give you personal attention while making sure we stay within strict protocols – after all it’s what they’re trained for! You’ll find us using only FDA approved devices too – so you can rest assured knowing that your safety is always our top priority.
  4. We’ve helped thousands of people in the last year who come here looking for effective treatments for their dull skin problems – and 92% of them said they were satisfied with the outcome!


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Questions And Answers

dermarollers are effective for skin rejuvenation, improving skin texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and reducing acne scars. They’re also effective in decreasing hair loss. The delivery of medicines or active ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, hair vitamins or even prp can be augmented by combining them with a single session of dermaroller.

Microdermabrasion is designed to address concerns such as dry or dehydrated skin, acne marks, fine wrinkles, hyperpigmentation from tanning, and uneven texture. Crystals are passed through the skin using a vacuum for exfoliation purposes. It can take up to six weeks for these changes to appear due to the healing process taking so long (and this period may vary).

If your skin is too sensitive, then you might experience redness for up to two hours at the most. It usually subsides with cold compresses and application of a soothing lotion.

The results are almost instantaneous and you’ll be able to tell after just one session. Right after, your skin will appear brighter and softer. A course of the recommended number of sessions will make these effects even more obvious, as well as longer-lasting.

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