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No matter what your skin type is, healthy skin emanates a natural glow. However, when the skin is not healthy or taken care of well enough, then it can look dull and lifeless. This can affect your natural pallor and even make you look unwell. Fortunately, there are many ways to bring back the natural luster of your skin, and most of the treatments are fairly easy to employ all by yourself. The treatment or the products you must use will depend largely on your skin type and the reason why it looks so dull.

Once you have figured out why your skin looks dull, you can begin to treat it accordingly. If you are having trouble identifying the cause of the dullness, then you can visit Maira clinic to let our professionals have a look at it. We can help you understand your skin’s needs so that we can treat it in an effective manner.

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Derma Rollers :

Derma roller is an instrument that consists of a handle and a roller which is studded with very fine needles. The length of these needles varies from 0.5 mm to 2.5mm. The Derma roller is rolled across the affected area with a minimal pressure. The needles penetrate the skin creating tiny punctures of varying depths depending on the length of needles. The process is done till fine bleeding points are seen. These needles puncture several blood vessels which are very fine bleeding points that leak minimal amounts of blood into the Dermis. The platelets in this blood contain Growth Factors which get released and help promote Collagen and Elastin synthesis. 

The physical damage done by puncturing the Epidermis and Dermis causes an inflammatory tissue reaction to repair the damage. The inflammatory reaction stimulates the Dermal Fibroblasts to activate and produce new Collagen & Elastic fibers which in turn helps to firm the skin and reduce wrinkles and scars.

The benefit of several locally applied medications can be improved by applying to the skin immediately after Derma roller. These medicines applied post derma roller, have better penetration in the freshly punctured blood vessels making them reach the upper dermis or the deep epidermis where their intended effects are desired.

Derma Roller helps initiate epidermal healing by stimulating an increased turnover of Epidermal Keratinocytes which results in a renewed epidermis that looks smoother & fresher. Additionally it drastically reduces pigment content of the skin, giving it an instant complexion lift.

Derma rollers are effective for all Skin types and it is highly recommended to take repeat sessions in a gap of 30 days for best results.


  1. Skin Rejuvenation
  2. Reduction of Skin
  3. Pigmentation
  4. Reduction of Acne scars or
  5. Traumatic scars
  6. Stretch mark Treatment
  7. Open Pores Treatment

Post Care

  1. Protection from Sun is a must. Avoid stepping out as much as possible during the treatment period.
  2. Do not rub the treated area with a coarse towel. Instead just dab the area to dry it after washing.
  3. Swimming, steam and sauna may be done only after 7 days, post the treatment.
  4. Beauty parlour activities must be avoided in the treated area for 15 days after Dermaroller service.
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