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PRP is a new way to treat hair fall. It’s a natural alternative for surgery that accelerates the natural healing process. Hair PRP | PRP For Hair At an affordable price!

We Provide Hair PRP which is considered the best in any part of Bangalore.

Get On Top Of Your Hair Loss

Your hair keeps falling out, and nothing you do can stop it. You stand in front of the mirror every day wondering why your hair won’t stop falling out.

So what if your hair just stopped falling out every day and grew thicker than before? Imagine feeling confident every morning when you look into the mirror. Imagine stronger self-esteem than before as your confidence grows, not just on the outside but also on the inside.

We Provide Hair PRP which is considered the best in any part of Bangalore.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy - the Natural Alternative

There’s a new treatment providing new hope — platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair fall treatment — clinically proven to halt hair fall, promote hair growth and stop scalp inflammation caused by dandruff.


Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a new way to accelerate your body’s natural healing process and is a natural alternative to surgery.

We Provide Hair PRP which is considered the best in any part of Bangalore.

Hair PRP therapy could heal your injury without invasive surgery, without the need for any drugs, without missing any work, without the risk of any side effects, and with a much quicker recovery period than recovery from surgery.

This innovative Hair PRP therapy is natural, fast-acting, and has a fantastic safety profile that gives hope to those suffering from hair loss! Plasma Hair Treatment therapy is a non-invasive treatment alternative to surgery and is also a natural way of using your own body’s healing powers to heal your injuries.

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As blood changes from a liquid to a solid-state, it undergoes coagulation. Along with red blood cells, plasma, and white blood cells, coagulated or clotted blood can contain platelets.

These tiny cellular fragments don’t contribute much to nutrition, but they provide rapid cell growth and essential signals for building new tissue. There are some indications that this process could also help repair damaged tissue at the base of the hair follicle or even increase hair production.

We Provide Hair PRP which is considered the best in any part of Bangalore.

Plasma Hair Treatment
Plasma Hair Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy For Hair Fall Treatment

Treating diseases and conditions with plasma is nothing new to doctors these days. Known formally as platelet-rich plasma, it came from blood and was created initially for musculoskeletal injuries, but recently it has caught on for beauty standards.

Recent studies have shown that Plasma Hair Treatment can heal alopecia patients hair follicles. Doctors inject the fluid into people’s skins or use a micro-needling technique, creating micro-injuries to enhance its results.

We Provide Hair PRP which is considered the best in any part of Bangalore.

Discover the benefits of plASMA HAIR TREATMENT therapy.

Reduce shedding

Improved follicle renewal

Strengthens hair strands

Faster healing

More efficient use of patient's bodily resources

Infuses the scalp with needed nutrients

Obtaining and injecting platelet-rich plasma

Platelet-rich plasma is a liquid made up of a higher concentration of platelets than what would typically exist in your blood. and obtaining such a substance, the process begins with:

  1. a needle puncturing at the area where the infusion happens and blood is drawn through an 18g or larger needle
  2.  The drawn blood syringe is then placed into a centrifuge tube; the centrifuge is spun at high speeds so that the plasma arises to the top.
  3. The collected plasma is then introduced into the site through an intravenous drip consisting of saline solution.                                                                                                                                                                                                                We Provide Hair PRP which is considered the best in any part of Bangalore.
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Questions And Answers

Hair PRP Therapy is a fantastic option; many people looking to grow their hair and gain back their self-confidence usually opt for it. It may be worth researching how the process works before signing up or consulting with your doctor about whether or not it will work for you specifically.

This procedure is safe and effective, but it comes with risks, including possible side effects such as headaches after treatment and even skin irritations. You will want to be aware of these risks when deciding if this is something that could work for you. The FDA has not yet approved PRP Treatment so false claims may be made about its effectiveness.

Still, science shows that they can stimulate new follicles (hair) growth in patients, mainly suffering from male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness.

Early to moderate stages of androgenetic alopecia are what can be alleviated with the use of Hair PRP therapy. It is the usual cause of hair loss due to genetics, hormones, environment, and nutrition. When you receive treatment with PRP therapy, it will result in thicker, fuller hair while decreasing or halting some cases of hair shedding completely.

Try coming in three times spaced four weeks apart to increase hair growth.
Maintenance every six or eight weeks will do after that, depending on what you need.

We don’t always use numbing medication before the injections for hair loss since they’re so quick! If you don’t want any laser resurfacing or micro-needling done during your visit, I’ll likely just put a little liquid gold on your scalp.

Hair PRP Therapy is a painless process using nothing but your blood to stimulate growth in areas with hair loss. Research suggests it has little risk of side effects and will not cause an allergic reaction when appropriately administered. However, you should go to a reputable physician’s office that adheres to strict standards and qualifications; otherwise, these precautions cannot be ensured.