The #1 alternative to liposuction at Affordable prices, Cryolipolysis/cool sculpting in Bangalore.

CoolSculpting freezes fat cells without surgery or downtime. Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Permanently and Revitalize your physique. the Maira offers Cryolipolysis/cool sculpting in Bangalore.

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Fat freezing Treatment

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The Coolest Way to Conquer Stubborn Fat And Have More Confidence within you

Fat deposits are a big issue. They show up as unsightly bulges around the hips, stomach, or other body parts, and they’re darned stubborn. You’re constantly trying to lose weight but just not seeing any results. If you aren’t doing anything to maintain or build your muscle, you may find that weight starts coming on more easily and seems more challenging to shake off. That doesn’t mean your body isn’t changing, though. The truth is that as one ages after 25, it is observed that one will start losing approximately one pound of muscle mass every year.

Even if you’re an athlete or maintain an exercise routine on top of healthy eating habits, those pesky fat deposits remain, and on top of that, your muscle mass gets depleted.

The answer is not another traditional diet but rather Coolsculpting/cryolipolysis; Coolsculpting/Cryolipolysis is the newest, most effective way to shape your body!

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive procedure to eliminate localized fat deposits or bulges. It uses a technology called CoolSculpting. A Cryolipolysis session uses controlled cooling to gently target the fat cells in the treated area and destroy them without damaging other tissue. This is proven clinically that cryolipolysis reduces fat levels by 20% for men and 30% for women – surprising results that don’t require expensive surgical procedures or more time spent working out at the gym.

With CoolSculpting, you can sculpt only certain body areas by choosing either specific regions or complete body treatment. It’s up to you!

We offer Collsculpting/Cryolipolysis treatments specifically designed to reduce localized fat deposits or bulges. Using cold temperature with our innovative Cryolipolysis procedure, patients experience almost immediate improvement in their appearance, free from the risks and downtime associated with other surgical or nonsurgical treatments. You’ll see an improvement in your body shape within a month or two of treatment sessions.
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the advantages of coolsculpting / cryolipolysis?

  • No need for surgery
  • Results last 18 months or 2/3rds of the average life expectancy
  • Dramatically reshapes body shape
  • Tired of trying to find that perfect swimsuit.
  • This treatment option will permanently destroy the fat cells, so they will never again try to make their way back
  • No workouts or diets necessary
  • Reduce localized fat deposits or bulges
  • Reduce the size of areas where fat deposits could otherwise lead to cellulite
  • Nonsurgical fat reduction
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Don’t start smoking again after quitting until surgery because smoking decreases circulation and impedes skin healing–reducing how much fat we can remove and possibly causing skin pigmentation issues around future stitch sites.

Here are a few keynotes that you need to keep in your mind before getting your treatment.

Be mindful of what kind of medication or supplement you take before your sessions. Specific treatments, for example, anti-inflammatory agents including fish oil and St. John’s wort, can cause increased bruising from Coolsculpting Treatments – we recommend stopping these at least seven days before surgery to reduce the chances of bruising.

Certain foods such as oranges and red beets also increase inflammation, so consider avoiding them for a week before treatment. Talk to your family doctor about other more effective treatments during this period if you require relief from pain due to inflammation.

Please don’t drink alcohol in the evening before your session because alcohol causes dryness, increasing sensitivity in the areas treated with contrast liquid.


Benefits from Maira's coolsculpting/ cryolipolysis?

The Maira Cryolypolysis clinic procedure is both safe and effective for long-term use. It is also non-invasive, giving you no discomfort or side effects with an easy recovery time. Your recovery time is minimal, which means no pain meds or surgery! Patients require no anesthesia or pain relief.

  • Revitalize your physique without any surgery
  • Freezing fat without the risks
  • Freeze your fat away in minutes
  • the FDA approves Cryolipolysis
  • Your weight loss solution without surgery
  • 100% permanent fat reduction without liposuction
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Developed by experts in medical science
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Some discomforts you may face!

After undergoing the procedure, you may experience minor discomforts such as:

  • Tingling sensation.
  • Stinging sensation.
  • Bruising.
  • Tenderness.
  • Numbness.
  • Cramping.

However, these side effects are usually trivial and generally well tolerated. You will probably notice them for about 12 days before they disappear.

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Coolsculpting healthcare FAQ

Maira Cryolypolysis treatments have FDA approval and completely safe procedure benign non-invasive and zero side-effects procedures.

Maira Best Cryolypolysis treatment works on the fat cells freezes them to eliminate their body once the fat cells are treated with strategic maintenance and eliminate cells never return.

The short answer is yes, if:
You’re in relatively good shape with stubborn pockets of fat that don’t always go away even when you eat healthily and exercise.
You’re not pregnant or nursing.
You don’t have many medical devices implanted in your body, such as Pacemakers, Defibrillators, Cochlear Implants, or Diabetes Pumps.
And lastly, you do not suffer from coronary heart disease or circulatory problems.

Do prefer Wearing loose clothing for this procedure as its comforts you.
Wear your regular sleepwear instead of lingerie that you’d wear on a date.

When the gel is applied, it may end up on these pieces of clothing, and uncomfortable consequences may arise if they are too expensive or fancy. So make sure to bring something else to change into after your treatment.

Bring food! Eating beforehand will help combat hunger during your appointment and provide stability when trying out new exercises without thinking about food constantly throughout the day leading up to your massage session (though we provide snacks upon request).

Before getting started with the actual treatment, please take off all clothes below the waistline for the documentation. Screening by either photo documentation or video documentation will begin with my assistant, who comes alongside me every visit and takes photos of the targeted area before and after treatment so you can see precisely how much progressed over time.

Skincare treatments vary in length depending on what products are used for your particular needs. Anything from scar-removing creams to get rid of acne scars to eye wrinkle treatments to erase dark circles would change the length of time needed for each application. One side effect we’ve observed is that extended use has caused a more vibrant complexion!

Treating different body regions essentially details how much weight you will lose after each treatment. For example, Treating your upper arm through this procedure might take just one session to meet your expectation; but generally, this would equal about two and a half pounds in total weight loss.

Conversely, treating your abdominal region, a larger muscle group, would take more than one session for noticeable changes and about ten pounds in total weight loss throughout 4-6 sessions.

Generally, Depending on how efficiently your lymphatic system is working and responds, this could take anywhere from 1-3 months. But usually, You’ll notice immediate shrinkage immediately after being treated and shall continue for eight weeks while the body throws away the toxins and then begins shaping itself back up.