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How to Lighten Dark Circles Under Eyes | Bangalore's Best Dark Circles Removal Treatment

Dark Circles removal treatment | Imagine looking fresh, rested, and rejuvenated without having any effort to cover those blemishes under your eyes

Dark circles under the eyes

Having dark circles under your eyes is like inviting some unwanted comments!

Dark circles are under-eye, dark blemishes that usually accompany some puffiness. Dark circles on the lower lids are pretty standard. Though they can happen to anyone, dark circles occur in aged adults and people with a family history or darker skin tone. These skin types also suffer from hyperpigmentation around the eye region.

As much as we try to hide them with concealer or cover them up with makeup, we don’t always succeed at doing so – because it’s an inherent part of being human, after all! It isn’t even considered a medical emergency unless it worsens or doesn’t go away despite applying treatments, such as creams or supplements.

That is why Maira Wellness Center is here to help you with the unique Dark Circles Removal Treatment so that you do not have worry to show your tired form to everyone!

There are several possible reasons for dark circles under your eyes. Some common causes include:


Puffy eyes and Itchiness can lead to dark circles. Puffiness may arise because of fluid retention, vitamin deficiencies, insufficient sleep, and allergic reactions. When the immune system reacts violently against something such as pollen when you’re allergic to it – Your body releases histamines to neutralize its effects, which could lead to side effects such as Itchiness or inflammation, for example.

Furthermore, You could exacerbate your problem by rubbing or scratching your irritated area, which makes it worse and leads to an increased number of blood vessels visible below the surface. A distinctive discoloration at the corners of the eyes known as dark shadows would arise with this phenomenon.


A lack of sleep, oversleeping, or simply staying up for hours after your body is ready for bed can lead to puffy eyes. You might be able to tell someone needs some rest if they have dark circles under their eyes which are caused by either Fatigue or depriving oneself of essential nutrients required during sleep, such as oxygen and glucose. If one’s complexion begins to turn pale in the morning, it could mean that they are losing too much blood circulation throughout the day, especially if they don’t get enough sunlight. Sleeplessness could also cause bags below one’s eyes due to fluid buildup due to dehydration, leading them to look like they’ve been crying all night when they’re asleep.


Natural aging causes dark circles under the eyes is a known fact. As People age, their skin loses collagen, which results in thinner and more translucent skin. The dark blood vessels beneath the skin become more visible, and rings may also gradually appear darker around one eye—some habitual facial expressions, such as an uneven smile, result in such symptoms. Dark circles are more noticeable and permanent as we grow.

Sun exposure

Exposure to sun rays will induce metabolism such that your body produces more melanin, Hence the pigment that gives skin its color.

Being revealed to sunlight for a long, especially to the eyes, can lead to a darker skin complexion.


Nutrient deficiencies in one’s diet can lead to dark circles around the eyes, but other deficiencies such as iron deficiency and vitamin B12 are culprits. Iron deficiency is the most typical type of anemia and is usually caused by insufficient oxygen in the body tissue.

A person often might get bruising quickly because of a lack of minerals needed for clotting blood. Someone with anemia will often feel lightheaded or short of breath due to decreased hemoglobin levels causing less oxygen getting to all parts of the body.

If you suspect yourself being anemic, it would be best to consult your physician – they’ll conduct tests and give treatments based on severity. However, dietary changes may also help alleviate symptoms, including Fatigue associated with low production of red blood cells.

 Treatments for anemia may include:

  • Dietary changes
  • iron infusions
  • iron supplements

Certain Medications

Some Medications cause blood vessels to dilate; such dilated blood causes dark circles around the eyes because the skin under the eyes is very delicate; any change in the blood flow can show up through the skin.


Most television or computer screen produces UV light which causes the blood vessels around the eyes to enlarge. Hence, strain the eyes, which follows that the skin around the eyes gets darkened.


A factor that leads to dark circles under your eyes is their family history. They are genetic, so they might show up early in childhood if it’s hereditary. Another cause could be a predisposition to other medical conditions – like thyroid disease – which will lead you to have dark circles too.


Dehydration is one among the common causes of dark circles. When one’s body is not well hydrated, the skin beneath the eyes begins to lose moisture contact around it and looks dull, and the eyes sunken. This is due to the eyes’ proximity to the underlying bone.

Periorbital hyperpigmentation

Periorbital hyperpigmentation is the official name for when more melanin is produced around the eyes, giving them a darker color.

Medical treatments

Dark circles cannot be overlooked; they are noticeable and take away from your beautiful appearance. However, don’t bother reading this section if you’re okay with that! If not, please read on…

Permanent Dark Circle Solutions.

Besides staying out of the sun, some helpful suggestions to naturally cure dark circles is rubbing over-the-counter vitamin K cream into your eyelids daily. Similarly, when choosing creams and gels, choose ones containing vitamin C so that they absorb well into the skin. For a more permanent option, there are several kinds of treatments available to alleviate this problem: 

  1. chemical peels that reduce pigment; 
  2. laser surgery which resurfaces the skin; 
  3. doctors tattoos that put pigment in thinning areas; 
  4. injections with tissue fillers to hide veins and melanin leading to discoloration below your eyes; 
  5. Fat removal – removing excess fat and old skin – reveals smooth, brightening results. Besides looking good darker rings will dissipate! 

Besides considering invasive medical treatment, always discuss options with a doctor first.


dark circles removal

Maira Clinic for dark circle removal

Getting dark circles under your eyes can leave you feeling embarrassed. When people see those dark circles, they think that you’re not taking care of yourself, and they can say anything they want!

Getting rid of those nasty dark circles is as easy as 1-2-3 through Maira’s Dark Circles Removal treatment. Get yourself treated by our staff of delicate hands for some rejuvenating treatments today! That’s precisely what Maira clinic offers.

Treatments at MAIRA Clinic for Dark Circle Removal

Skin lightening creams.

A dermatologist might prescribe either an OTC or prescription skin lightening cream containing azelaic acid, kojic acid, glycolic acid, or hydroquinone to reduce dark circles under your eyes. Creams with lower concentrations of the active ingredient may be available both over the counter and with a prescription.

Laser treatment.

Laser energy can clear out old, damaged cells from under the eyes; however, it can only target the dark pigment if other colors are mixed in. Laser treatment could also induce collagen production to replace lost volume and fight signs of aging.


When fillers are injected into the tissue underneath the eye, particularly the upper tuck area near the cheekbone that meets the jawline, the long needles are pushed up to the skin laxity over time. Darkness is diminished because fullness has been restored–similar to a derm injection during an old-fashioned brow lift procedure!

Draining away fat below the eye through tiny incisions while leaving loose skin (blepharoplasty) will provide less weight for bags to droop down farther on top of sagging eyebrows or make wrinkles look more profound than they are. Additionally, it can clear away those pale blues clusters we all want to go.

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