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Maira wants every guest to feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and revitalized after treatment. Our professionals offer unique services tailored to your needs. We look after you not only during your appointment but also before and after.

Discover your inner beauty with Maira.

Everyone wants to feel beautiful, but it is only up to you. The secret lies in discovering who you are and embracing your uniqueness, personality, and self-worth.

We understand that a healthy and happy lifestyle starts with a tremendous outward appearance as a beauty service provider.

We work hard to guarantee each visitor acquires nothing less than their very best assistance. Pioneering the concept of aesthetic wellbeing, our services are rendered by Professionals and therapies focusing on relaxation and revitalization. 

Maira believes in a supportive and excellent coworker work environment to enrich the services, acknowledging every personal indulgence and Self-care.

We aim to help you achieve balance both internally and externally, providing a peaceful environment to enjoy the special moments of life while maintaining your external wellbeing.

We offer a wide range of services, including facial treatments, Lazer Hair Removal, Hair Treatment, Weight management, Skin care services Etc- all designed to enhance your wellbeing.

We provide a safe space where you can explore your own journey to wellness with total confidentiality.

Come find out how to uncover your inner beauty with Maira.



To offer personalized beauty and wellness services, making individuals feel best.



Maira obligate to reconnect individuals with integrated products, epic services, and wellness.

Want an Aesthetic Wellness Experience at Maira Wellness Bangalore?

Spending too much time making sure you’re looking your best isn’t just bad for your wallet. It’s unhealthy! The anxiety over whether or not your makeup is on point, if there’s enough blush in the apples of your cheeks, or if that mascara will give you clumps after only a few days – combined with the chemicals from all those products and more – isn’t worth it.

Men have unique needs for relaxation and self-care, which the existing spa culture does not well-served. Even most female spas don’t offer very many treatments that are male-oriented, or appropriate for someone with skin sensitivities. On the other hand, Maira has an extensive selection of male-oriented therapies that should be perfect for any man wanting to treat themselves to some well-deserved pampering.


Sign up for an at-home trial session and get your first-hand experience!

Can’t decide if you want to go through with it? You can come here and try it out first before going through the whole treatment. You’ll be able to feel what it feels like, do it right there in the comfort of your own home, know all about it beforehand, feel safe and comfortable doing so, and know that you’ll see results! So come in and sign up now – we can’t wait to see you!


Benefits At Maira

Maira is for anyone who strives to lead the best life possible, balancing wellness and inner and outer beauty. So why keep yourself frustrated any longer? Relax and visit us! We’ll take care of everything so that you can start enjoying life without worries.


Experience individualized massages 🌿


Soothing music 🎶


Comfortable massage table 📦


Feel renewed and revitalized


You'll always feel like family, even if it's just for a visit


Relax knowing you're in professional hands

Our Work Culture

How Maira works?

Maira harnesses the riches of the products that benefit individuals with powerful healing, revitalizing, and re-balancing properties for vital health and well-being. Working on non-surgical and holistic alternatives, we unlock balanced aspirations helping every individual discover their elegance beauty to effectuate sound health and fitness. Maira is committed to offering an aesthetic makeover with the established sustainable aesthetic solution.

Choose Treatments

You can book the treatments from the available options with Maira, making us a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs, including aesthetic treatments and Salon services.

Book Your Time

Maira located at JP Nagar, Bangalore serves connecting areas like Jayanagar, BTM, Bannergata, Dollars colony, and Banashankari. You can schedule your appointments Monday to Sunday within the working hours, and we are available.


You will be assigned our elite beauty expert and technicians who will ensure that your requirements are met on time.

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