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#1 Skin Tightening Treatment | Slimming therapy in bangalore Don't let the way you look hold you back.

Slimming therapy can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, leaving your skin feeling tighter and more alive. Visit us for information on slimming therapy in Bangalore!

Your Body may be letting you down.

As you grow older, the weight of your everyday life piles up and you find yourself looking bloated. But there’s one problem when trying to get it back into shape — you’re left with a bunch of ugly wrinkles, sagging skin and other blemishes that come with old age. The truth is, even if you exercise and eat healthy food, as we age our body does not respond as well as before.

You may have found yourself wishing for younger looking skin by now – but here’s the thing: slimming therapy can change all that. It allows your skin to stay younger longer by literally boosting the body’s production of collagen and elastin.

This can reduce or even prevent the appearance of wrinkles, leaving your skin feeling tighter and more alive. Not only does it tighten the skin on your face, but it also can boost those saggy regions from around your neck or from post-partum weight loss too!

slimming therapy

Maira wellness clinic is the best slimming clinic for effective weight loss in Bangalore with the highest success rate.

We use World’s most advanced technology such as Forma & Morpheus8 operated by highly skilled medical experts to ensure 100% Permanent Results & Zero Side Effects.

Our International Standard Clinic in J.P nagar is open all 365 days from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Visit our clinic for Bangalore’s best Weight Loss Treatments like Inch Loss, Body Contouring, Body Toning, cryo lipolysis, Tummy/Thighs/Arms Fat Reduction & more with the special discount offers.


Body toning

Body toning can be defined as increasing tension or resistance in muscle. This means reducing the body fat appearance by tightening up the muscles and giving them shape; so that the muscles are firmer and more compact. it is also refered as increase in muscle tone.
toning of muscle

Toning of muscles At maira!

At Maira, you will find dedicated individuals committed to delivering the best possible treatments so that you can feel healthier and happier than ever before. No matter whatever the situation you are facing, maira has the best body toning treatment to offer. Unlike many other clinics, we won’t require invasive surgery; you’ll only need our personalized programs based on your individual needs and physical goals. while all this done being fully attentive to all aspects of your personal wellbeing.

Initially we assess your current state both mentally and physically – pinpointing any ailments or problems you might not have noticed yet through psychometric testing (such as moods). With our personalized care plan in place tailored especially for you, it may also involve consultations with an experienced dietician from within the clinic about which types of food work well together with specific exercises.

In order to keep track of progress during healing phases—monthly follow-up appointments are implemented throughout therapy sessions depending on one’s suitability for targeted body toning therapy after assessment from trained medical staff.

Body firming

A study has shown that the production of collagen is linked to one’s age. As people grow older, the production of collagen slows down and the skin begins to sag. One sign of aging is jowls – or sagging skin around one’s mouth or neck. For example, when a person gains weight, their skin expands as well but when they lose it too fast (such as after pregnancy), it hangs loose instead.

Dieting and exercising can help in reducing weight but not necessarily firm up the skin; surgery such as liposuction does work though but only if done properly by a surgeon who understands what needs to be done based on an individual’s anatomy. Today there are procedures available such as tummy tucks and Brazilian butt lifts which use modern medical technology like specialised machines that act on each patient’s own anatomy while keeping them safe throughout the procedure with pre-procedure testing and care from trained professionals.

Body firming treatment at maira.

We offer many new advancements in non-invasive cosmetic treatments at the Maira Clinic. Our range of body sculpting and skin tightening treatments can help you reduce or eliminate wrinkles, improve texture while reducing the appearance of cellulite and scars left over from previous injuries or surgeries.

Why not set up an appointment with one of our dedicated team members to find out about the benefits of our range for various treatments that can help improve:
– Crepey and lax skin.
– Poor tone and lack of firmness.
– Appearance of cellulite.
– Areas of poor circulation.
– Reduction of small pockets of fat.

Body Compositional analysis

Your weight, there’s just one number to tell how healthy or unhealthy you are.

What if you knew exactly what was inside your body? What if you knew the composition of each individual part, and where they lie?

Body composition is the most accurate way to measure the makeup of your body- it takes into account water, proteins, and many other factors when determining how much fat you carry.

Your body consists of mainly water and protein – both playing key roles in what makes up your physical structure. Your body contains minerals as well – mainly concentrated in your blood stream but also found throughout different parts of your skeleton. 

Body compositional analysis

Your body carries some fats as well; they act as a reserve source for energy storage and protection from injury while regulating heat production.

Nobody has a 100% fat-free mass, but many people maintain high or low levels without adverse effects on their long-term health (though such extremes may make it difficult to gauge progress). Thus why understanding what constitutes normal within each category can help you build a strategy that suits you best!

Body compositional analysis at maira

Maira’s body composition sheet tells you everything there is to know about your body using the four components. By breaking down your weight, focusing on the percentage of body fat, showing muscle development and using BMR calculations to help fine-tune your diet.
our procedure includes

Muscle Fat Analysis:- muscle fat analysis breaks down how much skeletal muscle mass (exercised at the gym) versus body fat mass (unexercised). A high ratio indicates good fitness; low ratio indicates poor fitness. Aim for 0-1% difference between muscles and fats in either direction.

Obesity Analysis: We use BMR to anlyize obesity but not BMI. BMI measures two parts – height and weight – then divides that by height squared to give an estimate of someone’s total amount of lean tissue or fat tissue. therfore this could give misleading results.

You can use basal metabolic rate (BMR) to fine-tune your diet using this equation: BMR = Number of Calories Burned At Rest Over The Course of The Day + Daily Activity Level × 1.2 × Muscle Mass Index (Sectional Lean). You can calculate how many calories you need to eat in a day based on your personal calorie goal (that will result in health weight loss).

Segmental Lean Analysis:- The segment of this analysis is right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, and trunk. Segmental Lean Analysis reveals how lean your body mass is distributed within your body. It also evaluates your right or left balance. Aim for corresponding segments to be equal lengths for right/left balances and over the 100 mark on the scale.


Dont hesitate to get yourself analized!

in our patient population ,every patient that walks through this odoor is going to receive a body compositional analysis, we feet that strongly that all of our initial consults one oif the things we’ll do is evaluate their body composition analysis, as well as their metabolism. that gives us some very objective data to then more personalise their weight management or body fat regimen and give them a better prescription

Body compositional analysis allows you to understand more about your health than just your weight. This innovative service lets you know exactly what is inside your body, giving you a much better understanding of what needs adjusting. Contact us today!

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Body Toning improves your skin texture, firmness, and tones your body to a healthy shape.

You can relax with an invigorating therapy that involves the application of essential oils infused with rich micro-nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin in order to revitalize and renew it.

Non-surgical, available for all specific areas of the body like arms, thighs, legs, back, abdomen and neck with absolutely no side effects.

Anyone who suffers from saggy skin, which needs to be firmed up and tightened for a youthful appearance. Saggy skin can result from aging, pregnancy, or genetics; it all depends on the person. That’s when this art of non-invasive body toning comes to the rescue. Other troubling areas may include excessive fat around the arms and stomach area – even some distinct bulges in certain areas, like the butt and thighs. These excess bits of fat will no longer pose an enormous problem for getting perfect tone!