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Fight against Streched skin with Radio Frequency Therapy.

Radio Frequency Treatment can help you get firmer skin that is resistant to damage.Radio Frequency therapy This treatment tightens the sagging skin and lifts it. As well as lessen the wrinkles and fine lines on the surface.

It is time to pencil-fit your skin up.

You may have been on the hunt for a proper skincare routine that yields you solid, more resilient skin. It is not easy to achieve such skin, but what if? There is one way that already exists!

Yes, you read it right!

That’s where Radio Frequency Treatment comes in. Radio Frequency Treatment focuses on stimulating collagen production in your skin by heating it with a precisely controlled form of electromagnetic radiation. This treatment tightens the sagging skin and lifts it. As well as lessen the wrinkles and fine lines on the surface.

radio freqeuncy ablation

Radiofrequency treatments At Maira are FDA-approved. With our revolutionary Radio Frequency treatment, one can finally say goodbye to every day worries. All it takes is a simple, painless treatment in our clinic to make you look noticeably younger and more radiant from day one!

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RF Therapy

Radiofrequency (RF) therapy, also called radio frequency skin tightening, is a non-invasive radio frequency treatment to tighten sagging skin.

The Radiofrequency technique uses low-frequency radio waves to heat the skin, deep under the dermis, in a controlled manner without inflicting any damage to the epidermis.

The heat generated under the skin boosts the production of collagen- one of the most common proteins in your body. Collagen creates an underlying framework for all parts of your skin and gives it its texture or firmness. As you age, cells producing less collagen lead to loose/sagging skin with wrinkles as early as age 35-40. RF therapy has been used since 2001 to fight against sagging skins and signs of aging- we’ll explore how this form of cosmetic treatment works below!

Radiofrequency is a popular choice among people looking for painless, non-surgical treatments for tightening loose skin and reducing wrinkles.
RF technology allows patients to recover fast.

radio frequency treatment

the ideal candidate for radio frequency therapy

Middle-aged women start to notice skin loosening thanks to early signs of aging. Radio Frequency treatment can be an excellent, non-invasive solution for these patients:

  1. Patients who are not good candidates for a facelift.
  2. Patients that are not completely satisfied with their previous facelift.
  3. Patients with these conditions like Sagging skin(Neck, chin), Sagging eyebrows, Drooping eyelids, Jowls, or cheek folds.
  4. Patients looking for tight skin without having surgery.


Circumference Reduction (Inch Loss) Cellulite Reduction
Improve Skin – Metabolism
Shrink skin pores
Eliminate deep and light wrinkles
Body Contouring
Skin tightening
Skin degerming
Improve skin elasticity and skin shine
Inflammation – diminishing

Radio Frequency Treatment At Maira

Maria Radiofrequency Therapy or RF Therapy is executed on the patient’s excessive fat area of the body. Maira cosmetologist perform Slimming procedures is a controlled treatment with the heat on your fat cells, causing them to die without affecting the surrounding muscle or Skin. The Slimming procedure not only decreases fat but also stimulates collagen production, thereby tightening the lose Skin.

The Slimming treatment of radiofrequency energy drives into the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue targeting the collagen fibers embedded. The heating contracts the collagen fibers, and fat cells drain it by shrinking the fibroblast cells a connective tissue stimulating to produce new collagen and elastin fibers.

The results of Slimming treatment will tighten and smoothen the Skin by lifting it for a younger look. Noticeable Fat cell reduction is possible with Maria Radiofrequency Therapy removing the stubborn cellulite.

Maira Slimming Clinic ensures the individual body toning is achieved with Skin Firming and tightening and cellulite reduction program. Maira RF Therapy is done with non-surgical procedures with completely safe and long-lasting in a realistic term.

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+91 96208 62625

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important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Fat tissue is high electrical resistance when heated than normal frequency, the fat cell burns. Maira RF Therapy is carefully executed by experts with the required precautions for the best Slimming treatment.

Maira RF Therapy is surprisingly relaxing; the Slimming procedures work for 20-30 minutes on the body. Before the slimming procedure, the required problem areas are identified by the technicians.

it is a very effective way to eliminate unwanted skin cells or infections through heat. The process includes using a radiofrequency machine. lesions such as skin tags, milia, warts, acne, and sunspots can be eliminate with this treatment. A numbing cream is applied over the area of concern, then the RF needle that emits waves at an oscillating frequency for 5-10 seconds for each pulse – will deliver thermal energy into a localized region of tissue causing it to thermally coagulate without touching it directly. Over time – once the crust falls away from your treated spot – all signs of what you were concerned about will disappear for good leaving you looking youthful and radiant.

It doesn’t take much to prepare for radio frequency treatment. Unlike surgery, there are no pre-procedure preparations such as blood work or fasting – just basic skin maintenance and sunscreens as part of a regular skin care regimen.
Since it requires minimal downtime, most patients return to their regular activities immediately following treatment. Some people may experience some temporary redness or minor swelling after the procedure is done – which typically goes away within 24 hours.

The People who desire the quick, drastic results of surgery but don’t want any downtime or risk involved with going under the knife – radio frequency therapy is an excellent option. It delivers a noticeable improvement in skin tone, texture, and tightness without significant recovery time.
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Radiofrequency is a safe procedure. Since Radio frequency treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive, there is no recovery time or aftercare for the patient besides skin maintenance and sunblocks as part of a regular skin care regimen, and it is little or no pain involved. Patients can return to normal activities almost immediately. Any side effects associated with the treatment are rare, minor, and transitory—most clearing up within 24 hours.

Prior to the slimming treatment, the individual will have to stop smoking and drinking alcohol for a few days. The patients must avoid dehydrating physical activities such as aerobics, power yoga, and any strenuous. Have 8-10 glasses of water 2-3 days prior and post the treatment