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Bengaluru's top Skin whitening treatment

No moire afraid of being called dark! Here we maira present skin whitening treatment at an affordable cost price!

Skin whitening treatment for everyone!

It has long been accepted that beauty equates to fairness. Nowadays, everyone is looking forward to having fair skin which is why Thousands of people undergo cosmetic surgery every day.

No doubt it is the fastest-growing trend in metropolitan cities; especially here in Bangalore where everything new and popular surfaces first before making its way across the country – including cosmetic surgeries.

For those individuals just wondering about their next step towards radiant skin, look no further than Maira Wellness Clinic—the best place for all your needs ranging from facials and laser treatments to full-body body contouring procedures.

Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns regarding anything you may need – we’re happy to help out whenever possible!

skin whitening treatment

what is the procedure of the skin whitening treatment

When you visit a dermatologist at our clinic in Bangalore, they will analyze your skin tone and texture along with your health conditions. They’ll provide suggestions on treatments based on those factors which are best suited for you – whether it’s medical or cosmetic.

It may also be a good idea to tell the dermatologist what skin tone you want after the treatment so they can come up with an estimate of how many sessions might be needed and what price point will work best for you given all these details.

ideal candidate for Skin whitening treatment

A person with patches of darkened skin, birthmarks or generally darker pigmentation through out the skin can go for the skin whitening treatment. But it is best advised to consult doctor before undergoing any procedure about the possible results they could expect from the procedure. This is because there may be some situations where laser treatments are not advisable .

There are times when it is simply best to decrease one’s shade by one level which is still quite impressive considering all circumstances.

tropical treatment

Topical Treatments.

The effects of topical treatments are largely restricted to the surface layer, that is, their influence is primarily observable on the outermost layer of skin. The properties of such remedies thus restrict to either brightening or moisturizing for radiance; however, since the skin absorbs some of its constituents, there may be an observable difference for a few hours before fading away. As such, it would be inadvisable to claim that these treatments have no efficacy at all; however, they would serve well as maintenance than cure.

Oral Medications.

Coming next are oral medications, which are mainly glutathione-based. Glutathione for your reference is an antioxidant created in the liver and responsible for preventing pigmentation by reducing melanin deposit.

Taken orally, it can work as the ingredient dissolves into the bloodstream before going to wherever it should be working at. But this process takes time – time that we don’t have when fighting with acne or any other skin condition! And since anything taken orally first goes through our stomach before getting processed and then into the bloodstream, there’s bound to be some amount of waste – which reduces its effectiveness overall.

oral medication

Injectables and Laser Treatments

And at last, we come to the two most successful solutions. One is Glutathione* or Kojic Acid-based injections which are administered right into the bloodstream and begin working immediately; while the other solution is through a Laser*.

Glutathione for Skin Whitening treatment

Glutathione is a natural antioxidant found in the human body, but it depletes with age and without its protection, cells start aging at an accelerated rate. One way to maintain glutathione levels is by taking oral supplements or intramuscular injections for optimum health benefits. At maira Clinic we offer various treatments such as Glutathione infusions or beauty drips to provide you with a natural glow. Our Glutathione infusion includes whitening agents such as glutathione, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin B complex or alpha lipoic acid which are designed to deliver high-level antioxidants for better skin appearance
glutathione for skin whitening
skin whitening treatment laser

laser for skin whitening treatment

The Lasers, unlike the injection which takes time for results to show up, focuses on breaking down pigment cells or treating tissues so that it can heal your skin sooner rather than later. Laser toning is one of the most cutting-edge and empowering procedures for improving your skin tone.

We use FDA-approved laser technology, which has been proven to work brilliantly on many different Indian skin types. Controlling beams of laser (with a single wavelength) target the pigment (melanin) breaking it down into microscopic particles that are then flushed out naturally, leaving you with refreshed and radiant skin below.

Both of these treatments have a prolonged duration but will need occasional boosters, depending on what you’re looking for in particular. What you choose also heavily relies on what kind of skin you have – no matter what!

Chemical Peels or fruit acids are utilized for skin whitening treatment. With this procedure, the top layers of cells will be removed, resulting in a lighter skin layer.

skin radiant treatment chemical peel

This treatment type includes the use of whitening agents and de-pigmentation packs which results in removing the dark upper layer of skin.

pigmentation treatment1

Tanning causes the skin to darken. A detan facial will remove the tan by using one of three different methods: chemicals, natural materials, or antioxidants

de tan facial

risk which is supposed to be noticed

It is of utmost importance that you check for US-FDA approved labels before purchasing any skin-whitening treatment. This is because treatments without this label have been known to be carcinogenic or contain mercury in some cases. However, if you do make sure the product has a US-FDA Approved Label, then it will be completely safe.

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important things you should know

Questions And Answers

On the day of the procedure, you will be asked to not put on any make up; it may also be necessary for you to wash your face every few hours. Protecting your skin from sun rays and avoiding certain drugs are also required.

Regardless of your skin whitening treatment in Bangalore and how well it has been done, there are some things you need to remember. For example, you’ll have to take care not to go out in the sun for a few days; no makeup allowed and no chemicals on your face either! If you are being prescribed medication or creams by your doctor – be sure to follow his instructions so you can avoid any problems.

Facial and skin lightening treatments are renowned for being safe and effective, so long as it was performed at a reliable clinic under the care of an experience expert. There is no reason to go anywhere else but Maira Clinics; only here will you receive the best possible service from kind-hearted people who always put your needs first.

Any and all skin lightening treatments are designed to do one thing: make you feel better about yourself. It’s simple really – the uppermost layer of your skin is prone to everything from makeup, chemicals, dirt, pollution – basically anything could happen (and does) during the day when you’re out in public. This is why just below it lies a secondary but healthier layer that will look brighter and less aged than before! It may take some time for this effect to show up because we all know how long-lasting UV rays can be…But after a few sessions you’ll feel great about your appearance again!

Skin is constantly changing; skin is always renewing itself and the melanin content in your body will not change. Over time, your skin will go back to being its natural colour and you might need a treatment session to get darker skin again.