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Laser lipolysis | Painless fat reduction treatment

Revolutionary new non-invasive laser lipolysis in Bangalore for inch loss and aesthetic body contouring.

Is it exhaustive to shed off the last bits of stubborn fat?

After getting rid of most of my weight, there are still some fats that refuse to go away, even with strenuous workouts and dietary changes. As you can see for yourself, you won’t have reached the figure you want – because those fatty areas between layers under skin are stubborn. These are the fats that hide themselves in places where they’re difficult to remove; mainly muscles which cover them up from direct view.

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Have you heard about laser lipolysis?

Getting rid of those fatty pockets seems impossible because they’re deep inside the skin, hidden from sight. But luckily, we have Laser Lipolysis to help! This state-of-the-art technology will help make that pesky fat disappear without leaving any telltale signs on your skin!
This latest innovation in cosmetic surgery uses laser light energy to break down fat cells in problem areas such as arms, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and chin.

With this treatment you can achieve a much smoother contour with significantly reduced appearance of cellulite. Laser lipolysis offers a natural alternative which not only eliminates unsightly lumps but also provides lasting relief from excessive skin folds.

If you’re looking for an easier way to get rid of those stubborn fats without painful surgery, Laser Lipolysis is what you need! Contact Maira immediate now, cause we might offers for you!

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Laser lipolysis is an advanced, minimally invasive form of body sculpting. This sophisticated procedure permanently removes unwanted fat cells from your body—far less painfully than traditional methods such as surgical liposuction. This method uses a Low-level lasers (also referred as cold lasers) for fat reduction, body contouring, and inch loss. This method painless, faster recovery and less complicated. With laser lipolysis, the surgeon inserts lasers into a layer of fat and uses a beam to break up fat cells and suction them out. The best part is less risk of saggy skin later! That is because, This technique, Unlike traditional liposuction, permanently removes fat cells from your body without the need for anesthetic. Recovery time is greatly reduced, while post-operative side effects are much less likely than they would be with traditional liposuction. This method shares many similarities to other popular procedures such as SmartlipoTM and CoolSculpting® ; though it still has its unique benefits when compared against these procedures. After getting laser lipo, patients can go home and resume daily activities within 24 hours or even sooner! And most importantly: Patients will see results within six weeks.
laser lipolysis in bangalore

Who should opt for laser lipolysis?

The candidates ideal for laser lipolysis should be healthy and should be an ideal weight. Laser lipolysis is not a weight loss treatment or surgery, so if in case, you are having excessive body weight which means excess fats, this procedure is not right for you. Instead, it means to target and remove fats between muscle from smallar area in healthy individuals.

Don’t undergo laser lipo if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, menstruating heavily,
or if you have:

  1. a pacemaker or defibrillator.
  2. abnormal tissue growth
  3. blood clots.
  4. cancer.
  5. heart disease or other heart conditions.
  6. insulin-dependent diabetes.
  7. liver disease or other conditions.
  8. multiple sclerosis.


No bed rest is required post-treatment.

Inch Loss

No change is required in routine lifestyle.

Easy Weight management post-treatment.

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important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Laser lipo treatments can yield just as impressive results as standard liposuction. It’s less invasive which means there is an easier recovery from the procedure. Laser lipo drawbacks include redness and swelling – however, these symptoms are milder than those experienced with traditional liposuction procedures. There is also a small risk of infection at the site of incisions made during laser-assisted lipo treatment. Experts note that there may be skin tightening after a laser-lipolysis/laser assisted liposuction procedure due to lasers stimulating collagen production.

You and your doctor can discuss the most problematic areas and goals for the procedure. Customized results- depending on how your body reacts, and how much work you want to put in yourself- are very common. Your doctor will be able to give you a better idea of what realistic or possible outcomes could look like if you decide to go through with it all.

Contrary to what you may have heard, it won’t just go away in a different spot or grow back again. That being said, if you’re looking to maintain your new figure, make sure to set up a balanced diet and include regular exercise into your lifestyle. Wanting Smartlipo, Aqualipo, or another fat-reducing procedure done? Give us a call so we can schedule an appointment at one of our Nashville or Memphis locations so we can discuss your individual needs and goals with the surgical procedures—whatever they are! From there, we’ll create an individualized treatment plan so that you’ll never regret coming here.

Laser lipo removes excess body fat so that it can be burnt off as well as metabolized through natural means (such as digestion or exercise). In cases where Aqualipo is used alongside laser lipo, excess body fat is sucked out of the area and then drained gently from a machine.

The laser lipo treatment, itself, should only take less than an hour. However, combining it with Aqualipo (a water-powered liposuction technique) will yield even better results.

Studies have shown this cosmetic surgery procedure to be an effective way of targeting fat from specific parts of the body.

Lipo Laser therapy works by applying a controlled laser to damaged and shrink fat cells, executed under the guidance of an experienced physician. Hence, clients are in safe hands when they use Maira’s Best Lipo Therapy treatments.
Maira’s Best Lipo Therapy treatments are FDA cleared and offer safer alternatives to traditional liposuction procedures. Unlike other forms of body contouring treatments, Maira’s Best Lipo therapy helps reduce pocket fats and stretch marks as well as targeted areas where you want to lose weight.