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A handcrafted aromatherapy for deep relaxation.

Maira's Aroma Veda therapy

Tighten your skin and tone up your muscles during weight loss. Maira’s Aroma Veda therapy offers handcrafted aromatherapy products for deep relaxation.

But now there’s a way to feel better both inside and out. Aroma Veda therapy helps eliminate toxins from your body and improve lymphatic flow while giving your muscles a deep-tissue massage that results in toned muscles and tighter skin.

Tighten, tone, and smooth your body with

Aroma Veda therapy.

Let’s face it: life is stressful. Work deadlines pile up, family emergencies happen, and personal problems arise. It can take a toll on your appearance as much as your energy levels. 

When you don’t feel good about how you look – or worse, feel bad about yourself – it can lead to higher stress levels even after the source of initial stress has passed.

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Experience bliss.

Maira’s Aroma Veda therapy is dedicated to formulating premium aromatic products using high-performance ingredients found in Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. The products used in the process are premium, using ethically sourced organic ingredients. This is because it is meant to provide deep relaxation and replenish the mind and body through our aroma Veda therapy.

Apart from that our products are also infused with crystals that can be placed on an individual’s bedside table or worn around the neck as a necklace during stressful times to help ease feelings of anxiety, tension, and overstimulation from excessive technology use. Simply let the aroma Veda therapy soothing fragrances work their magic.

With Maira Aroma Veda Therapy, one can easily shape their body without any adverse effects. It uses a natural anti-cellulite ayurvedic process such as giving manual massages on specific pressure points to strengthen the connective tissue. The toxins are eliminated with the help of lymphatic drainage massage and shaping of the adipose tissue giving an even and smooth appearance.

Come to Maira Aroma Veda Therapy today and experience the change within you.

Aroma veda therapy

What is Aroma Veda therapy?

Aroma Veda Therapy, or AVT for short, was created to detoxify the body through a specialized massage technique. 

This process helps tone up individual muscles while tightening the skin of one’s entire body at once; it also aids in weight loss programs by using natural essential oils. 

There are many benefits to having an AVT session such as improved circulation, lowered blood pressure levels, and stress relief.

How does Aroma Veda Therapy work?

There’s no definitive answer yet, but many experts think it comes down to a combination of factors. Some believe our sense of smell plays a major role. Our olfactory nerves connect directly with certain regions in the brain – such as the amygdala and hippocampus – which house our most basic emotions and memories.

This means that when you inhale those essential oil molecules, they might stimulate those areas of your brain and create feelings or even responses throughout your body. For example, some studies show that lavender affects your brain very similar to other sedatives, like Valium. Other theories say that molecules from essential oils can interact with different enzymes in your blood system which could affect moods or stress levels.

Aroma Veda therapy is the use of plant-derived fragrances for healing. Even though aroma suggests that these oils are only smelled, they can also be massaged onto the skin or swallowed in some instances. 

It’s very important to consult a specialist before you do either one, though; doing so could make things worse than they already are! Essential oils have started getting more attention as an alternative treatment for many diseases and conditions – but again, there’s just not enough evidence to show that this works yet.

benefits of Aroma Veda Therapy

shapes adipose tissue to an even and smoother Appearance

Tones muscles and tightens skin

strengthens connective tissue

eliminates toxins

improves flexibility

stimulate lymphatic and blood flow

reduces anxiety and stress

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Aroma Veda Therapy FAQ

During an aromatherapy session, the practitioner will go over your medical history, current health status, and symptoms, as well as particular scents you might enjoy. the session that can be expected is topical massage as in, the practitioner applies diluted essential oils to your skin during a massage along with that You might be inhaling fragrenced oils directly or indirectly through means such as steam inhalation, vaporizer/humidifier use.

Those who are pregnant, have a serious asthma condition or have a history of allergies should only use essential oils when they are supervised by a trained professional and know what their doctor says about it.

Although essential oils have been used for centuries, few studies have looked at their safety and effectiveness in people. To date, scientific evidence is still lacking and there are some concerns about the safety and quality of certain essential oils. More research needs to be done before aromatherapy can become a mainstream alternative medicine cure.

Generally speaking, most topical and inhaled oils are considered safe. When applying or diffusing oils, it’s important not to ingest them unless you’re under the supervision of a trained professional because some oils can cause side effects such as rash, asthma, headache, liver and nerve damage, or harm an unborn child.