Body THerapies

Body THerapies

Maira Slimming procedures Body Therapies work on mind-body practice techniques designed to enhance the positive impact on the body. The techniques influence behavioral, social, psychological, expressive, and spiritual approaches. Understanding hectic and stressful life Maira Body Therapies work on aesthetic services that rejuvenate, relax, and regain the energy back to its original productivity.

Maira Slimming Clinic connects the mind-body is scientifically with proven Best Slimming treatment by researchers to breaks the complex links between the mind and body. Maira Body therapies include a set of packages of massage techniques that clams an Individual. Pampering you with Maira customized body therapy will additionally benefit from medically planned and guided realistic results.

Maira Trusted technicians are well trained and experienced professionals working with quality products and packages. Individuals can opt for the painkilling deep tissue energizing massages that will help them gain body flexibility and boosts mental energy.

Body Therapies FAQ

Regular Body massage therapy enhances protein levels by improving blood flow. The light –pressure induced on to the body boosts the sleep, Thereby enhancing the immunity of the individual.

Maira executes techniques like long strokes, kneading, deep, circular movements, tapping, vibration, trigger point therapy, Abdomen therapy, deep tissue therapy, cardiac therapy, and Muscle therapy, etc,. These are executed by technicians who are certified and own years of experience in the field.

Maira Slimming Clinic therapy is built on a proper analysis based on the individual body type, which is analyzed through an initial consultation. The Slimming procedures therapy timeline will vary depending on the individual.