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Maira Slimming clinic benefits you by shaping your body with a prime focus on health and fitness. Our programs are based on aesthetic wellness and fitness. With a complete target on reduction of the total body mass through the means loss of fluid, body fat or lean mass. Slimming treatment of Maira is divided into two types:
  • weight loss
  • inch loss

Weight loss

Maira Weightloss procedures work on an overall reduction of body mass with the sequence of weight loss treatment. The process involves the right diagnosis for the proper aesthetic treatment, with the desired result. Experience customized treatment depending on body type and weight loss goals.

Inch loss

Maira Best Inchloss treatment eliminates unwanted fat cells from crucial body parts with the object of shaping the body. The body parts like tummy, thighs, B-line, arms, bud handles, love handles, and face fat needs higher attention while eliminating the unwanted fat cells.

Maira offers inch loss treatment that caters to all age groups and all strata of society, with zero side effects, an Intensive analytical approach that works on overall individual well-being considering past medical history, and present condition. Customized and designed for individual expectations and lifestyles.

Depression, stress, being in-active, hypothyroid, PCOD is significant factors that lead to weight gain. Proper guidance and weight management techniques are part of Slimming procedures. Additionally, Maira considers required modification for the individual’s health conditions like overweight, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and loss of self-confidence.

Maira Invests considerable time in understanding the body type and Individual health conditions. We do not recommend weight-loss pills or unrealistic solutions.

FDA has certified Slimming clinic treatments for both weight loss and inch loss with Zero side effects. Experienced trained technicians work under the guidance of doctors to execute the procedures at the Maira Slimming healthcare.

Maira treatments are non-surgical and do not include any supplements. Instead, the Slimming procedures are customized to meet individual requirements.

Locate the Maira Slimming clinic near you for consultation, and get the brief of the client with suitable treatments and the cost pattern.