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Wondered how to trim those excess fats and look slim?

There are so many reasons why it might be hard to lose weight: emotional eating, stress or even depression might lead to weight gain. But whatever the reason, not being satisfied with how your body looks will always affect your mood and confidence.

Why does losing weight have to be so difficult? It doesn’t seem fair that slimming needs to be so taxing on your finances, time and patience. Whether it is through rigorous dieting or invasive surgery procedures, when you want something more from life, more confidence from looking in the mirror- why shouldn’t you pay a little bit more?

Fortunately, Maira offers a non-invasive alternative that is also very affordable. Our medical aesthetician use Gold Standard equipment with training ensuring precision and safety in every session. Safety is our priority: before each session an aesthetician undergoes multiple body temperature checks and makes sure to sanitize equipment immediately after each session to ensure the safety of the next client.

We offer monthly packages for those who want to take things slowly but still see some progress over time as well as short-term specials for those who want dramatic change sooner rather than later.


Slimming therapy can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, leaving your skin feeling tighter and more alive. Visit us for information on slimming therapy in Bangalore!

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Body firming

A study has shown that the production of collagen is linked to one’s age. As people grow older, the production of collagen slows down and the skin begins to sag. One sign of aging is jowls – or sagging skin around one’s mouth or neck. For example, when a person gains weight, their skin expands as well but when they lose it too fast (such as after pregnancy), it hangs loose instead.

Dieting and exercising can help in reducing weight but not necessarily firm up the skin; surgery such as liposuction does work though but only if done properly by a surgeon who understands what needs to be done based on an individual’s anatomy. Today there are procedures available such as tummy tucks and Brazilian butt lifts which use modern medical technology like specialised machines that act on each patient’s own anatomy while keeping them safe throughout the procedure with pre-procedure testing and care from trained professionals.

Body firming treatment at maira.

We offer many new advancements in non-invasive cosmetic treatments at the Maira Clinic. Our range of body sculpting and skin tightening treatments can help you reduce or eliminate wrinkles, improve texture while reducing the appearance of cellulite and scars left over from previous injuries or surgeries.

Why not set up an appointment with one of our dedicated team members to find out about the benefits of our range for various treatments that can help improve:
– Crepey and lax skin.
– Poor tone and lack of firmness.
– Appearance of cellulite.
– Areas of poor circulation.
– Reduction of small pockets of fat.

Dont hesitate to get yourself analized!

in our patient population ,every patient that walks through this odoor is going to receive a body compositional analysis, we feet that strongly that all of our initial consults one oif the things we’ll do is evaluate their body composition analysis, as well as their metabolism. that gives us some very objective data to then more personalise their weight management or body fat regimen and give them a better prescription

Body compositional analysis allows you to understand more about your health than just your weight. This innovative service lets you know exactly what is inside your body, giving you a much better understanding of what needs adjusting. Contact us today!

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