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laser hair removal treatment
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Say goodbye to shaving, waxing, epilating, and other at-home treatments.

Get Laser hair Removal Treatment at maira

Don’t put yourself at risk of skin problems caused by poor quality Home remedies such as ingrown hairs, razor burns, itchy bumps, pimples, and inflamed hair follicles! As an alternative to these high-risk treatments, choose Maira’s Laser Hair Reduction.

Laser Hair Removal is clinically proven and provides long-lasting results for removing unwanted body hair on the chest, abdomen, bikini line, legs, rear, or any part of your body.

We are updated with the Latest technology: Maira uses U.S FDA Gold Standard laser equipment with trained medical aestheticians to perform sessions assuring clinical precision & safety of our clients.

Safety is Maira’s priority: before each session, an aesthetician undergoes multiple body temperature checks and makes sure to sanitize equipment immediately after each session to ensure the safety of the next client.

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Finding laser hair removal treatment in Bangalore can be a challenge.

That is, unless you're looking for maira. Visit maira today and enjoy safe & reliable Laser Hair Removal service!

Best Laser Hair removal Treatment in Bangalore

Let’s take a step back and look at the fundamentals. The melanin in your hair follicle absorbs the laser light, which effectively heats up the hair follicle. This laser destroys its root—no worries about skin damage happening too! As an added bonus, this procedure also prevents ingrown hairs from forming later on. Yes, those pesky little things that always seem to pop up at inconvenient times—are all gone now! Result? Silky smooth skin with no unsightly bumps or scars you can’t wait to show off.

why laser Hair Removal treatment at maira!

What’s a way to get silky smooth skin that won’t hurt or break the bank? You might have guessed it – it’s laser hair reduction. When you stop paying for things like waxing, shaving, and threading there will be some extra cash in your pocket and we’re here to help! You can choose from different areas for laser hair removal –

  • chin,
  • upper lip,
  • Ears,
  • neckline/hairline (including around the collarbone),
  • armpits/underarms,
  • cleavage (the space between chest wall and pectoral muscles),
  • feet
  • hands 

Any three areas at a cost of 3499. Forget about spending thousands of rupees over your lifetime because we offer up to 90% hair reduction in 6-10 months at an unbelievably low price! 

important things you should know Laser hair Removal

Questions And Answers

Generally, laser hair treatments are expensive, no matter where you go! it cost a hefty amount and you may feel burdened just looking at it but Maira is here to offer you the best quality laser hair reduction at as low as Rs 3499 for any three desired areas from the chin, under arms, chest, feet, hand, neckline/hairline, upper lips, and ears

Side effects of laser hair removal include mild side effects such as redness, swelling, and discomfort. Some side effects can last for up to 6 months while others will only last for a few days. In addition, laser hair removal may lighten or darken the affected skin depending on one’s natural pigment. However, most of these changes will go away within 3-6 months.

Some benefits of choosing laser hair removal than conventional methods is that. 

  1. The laser hair treatment is efficient and time saving 
  2. At First, it seems expensive but on a long run it saves money than conventional methods
  3. Eliminate Ingrown hair
  4. It is a long term solution.
  5. It saves you from having to experience regrowth

Yes, laser hair removal is safe for your face. Temporary side effects have been reported by a small number of patients. Depending on your skin, you may experience mild redness or swelling for an hour or two after the session. On very rare occasions, there can be cases where some patients would report feeling minimal to moderate discomfort and short-term pain (although it does happen). These cases are extremely uncommon though, so don’t worry about it! Your laser professional will provide you with appropriate laser treatments and instructions designed to avoid any possible side effects if customized for your specific skin and hair type.

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