Anti Aging Treatment

Age is just a number.

We know that dealing with skin and hair issues can be challenging. It can affect your quality of life, confidence, and self-esteem. At Maira Clinic, we ensure that our approach to skin care and hair is extremely personalized. Our skin doctors perform a thorough medical analysis and prescribe medications and effective treatment regimens that steer you on the right path towards healthy, skin and hair.


Being overweight is a global general health problem as of today. Numerous individuals find that initially, they do get in shape by dieting, but they rapidly recover their weight (also known as stubborn fat) after the dieting routine ends. This problem is mostly related to poor lifestyles such as

  • Wrong diet
  • Eating fried foods high in fat
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Lack of exercise

Genetic factors and hormonal problems additionally tend to expand the danger of increasing body fat. Obesity is an immediate concern not simply because of being overweight, but rather additionally it puts you in danger for various genuine medical issues, for example, insulin protection, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, joint inflammation, and other diseases.
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